Monday, February 11, 2008

Chugworth Academy

You know, as both the youngest and the weakest out of the Elders of Zion, it seems I get stuck with all the shit jobs. I'm the one who reviews the comics that are not merely bad due to incompetence or terminal stupidity, but those that are bad due to the sheer vileness of their creators. Take Chugworth Academy as an example. It's like Shredded Moose and Dominic Deegan had a precious retarded baby that never quite lived up to their parents' reputation but still managed to be a soul-crushing shitfest.

This atrocity combines shit jokes with shittier writing and characters so one-dimensional they make cosmic strings look like hypercubes who also happen to be super-shiny noseless animu people. Though it gets less blatant, the noseless thing is never quite fixed, despite the fact the artist can actually draw noses. Attention, Mr. Cheung. Two scribbles in the middle of the face do not a nose make. The art, while not especially shitty, starts out as amateurish animu shit that relies on highly stylised visual cues to convey human emotion and gradually evolves into polished animu shit that STILL relies on those same visual cues. Please note that almost every single character has the exact same facial features with the tiny pointy nose and the big eyes and the gaping mouth and the prettily pointed chin. The differences are purely superficial - hair and eye colour, freckles and lack or presence of glasses. Some characters do get original designs, like the producer (who wears a beret because hey, he's an artist! Pinnacle of humour there, Cheung) but those are fairly rare and are not part of the main cast. This is made worse by the fact Kiyoshi (the male lead) is meant to be at least half-Japanese. And yet he has the exact same facial structure as everyone else. The only concession to his father's ethnicity is slit-eyes. As in actual fucking slits. Not racist at all, eh?

You know, the art isn't bad enough to make Chugworth stand out as a terrible comic. It's bland, uninspired, devoid of any personal touches and annoying to look at for too long, but it's nothing special. There are thousands of webcomics out there with art like this, usually drawn by talentless hacks who learn by imitation. Sure, it's crap, but it's not worthy of notice. The problem with Chugworth lies entirely in the writing.

Character writing especially.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that every single character in Chugworth Academy is a stereotype. There's the stupid guy and his long-suffering "TOTALLY HOTT" girlfriend who loves him anyway - they do break up later on in the comic, but she doesn't magically acquire a personality after this event and nor does his IQ increase. The guy, of course, has an enormous cock. 12", ladies! Line up and wait your turn! Our hero is a true example of manliness! Dumb as a cork and hung like a horse! Now, this may be hard to comprehend for men who've never had sex with a woman they didn't have to pay but a big dong doesn't magically give you mind-blowing sex skills. It just gives you a blunt weapon that hangs between your legs and scares off women whose vaginas are not made out of rubber.

And anyway, the whore in that old joke was right. It don't matter how much ya got, honey, as long as you know how to use it. To be honest, I would not trust our prematurely greying protagonist to not put it in my bellybutton.

Right, where were we? Ah, yes. Stereotypes. Like the Japanese father of Mr. Flesh-Club. Because he's Japanese, he has a "hilarious" Japanese accent and believes in honour. Har fucking har! And let's not forget stellar characters such as the dumb-as-chicken-shit metalhead! Who likes violence! Or how about the spotty, arrogant nerd and his fellow tabletop RP players: the ghetto-as-fuck black dude, the wigger, the "azn sensation" and the weaboo? And for finish it off, would you like a side helping of shrill yaoi fangirls?

Now, Cheung could claim that he's sending up moronic animu comics which are full of stereotypes and dumb jokes, but I just don't get that vibe from Chugworth Academy. I do get a strong "brainless slimy penis" vibe from it. Either it's not a parody or it's such a bad parody that the point becomes moot. In both cases, Cheung sucks at writing and the dude who's "working on scripts" with him does too. I should not be able to describe a good flat character in anything less than a full sentence. A sentence with fucking clauses. Well-rounded, complex characters should merit an entire essay. Cheung's entire cast can be summed up in a monosyllable: "urgh".

You know, I was gonna mention something about the story or the humour, but I realised that it's totally pointless. The story's both stupid and confusing and I'm not about to play High School English Teacher and grind it down for you to swallow and later throw up on request. You want to know the story? Read it yourself. You see, when I have to suffer, my only consolation is that later I'll be able to share the pain with my unwitting audience. Really, you can say that this is the entire point of this blog.

As a final insult to my intelligence and an almost fatal blow to my love of humanity, Chugworth Academy is ... well ... what do you call a guy who draws hyper-sexualised, slutty and very definitely underage girls? Come on! They're even wearing school uniforms in half of these! How much more blatant can you get?

Cheung also sticks a childish face on a well-defined teenage body and the endows the resulting abomination with the mind of a five-year-old. And he lets us know the truth about blonde women who are able to get jobs: it's because they're hot and stupid and willing to be spanked by someone who'll pay them.

The word for people like this is "creep". If you're me, that word's turned into a phrase: "motherfucking creepy pervert who should be taken behind the barn and shot in the balls". Reading Chugworth and seeing all those cutsey, childish faces juxaposed with pantyshots, cleavage and almost endless fucking makes me uncomfortable. It makes me feel like I'm committing a crime simply by giving this fuckstick's site any hits. I mean, check out his deviantArt gallery (warning: NSFW, but you should know that already from reading this review and having two braincells to rub together). It's full of nothing but extremely explicit pin-ups of his characters. His school-age female characters with faces like little kids. I hope this point really doesn't need to be driven home with a jackhammer.

Incidentally, Cheung and Cheung's rabid fans: I do not hate sex. I do not hate men or women, except in specific cases. I am neither Christian nor prudish and I don't believe that keeping the lights on is the most exciting thing one can do in the bedroom. I'm just very clear on where an empowered female character who just happens to enjoy sex becomes a juvenile vehicle for fanservice and wanking.

Cheung, you're a creepy motherfucker (as evidenced by the fact you used to draw guro for a living) and your comic's a piece of shit that's only notable due to you letting your creepiness spill over into it. I recommend that you either undergo a complete personality and morality transplant or take down your shitty site and go jump into a vat of nitric acid.


Kiki said...
I think you also forgot to mention that Cheung used to draw lolicon porn.
THORPE said...
I barely scratched the surface of this thing when I first saw it, but it has it's defenders most of whom are all "awww, it's all in good fun".

As seen here (GUESS WHO?!?)

Though a few other people in that Websnark comment thread had it nailed, I think

"Or maybe its that he repeats the same tired jokes over and over until the latest storyline somehow sputters to an end. How many times has he done the "white guy speaks all black" joke? Three times? In the last three storylines? But ha ha ha, Kiyoshi got to have sex with Sally because he was all gangsta.

Ah, maybe thats it: the way Dave uses sex like Tim Buckley uses gaming references."

Reading this here review led to me going through the archives and slowly but surely being disturbed by what I saw. Especially the recent storyline where Obnoxious Wigger Kid has been lured into a van and taken away to an abandoned amusement park, presumably to be raped. Plenty of jokes about BOOBIES BOOBIES BOOBIES BOOBIES BOOBIES too. I don't know which Cheung and company think is funnier, just flat out using the N-word or BOOBIES jokes.
Lilith Ester said...
I'll be honest, I glossed over certain aspects of Cheung's career, mostly because I had no actual evidence at the time.

There might a follow-up article, though, where I'll expound on why the writing in Chugworth sucks syphilitic dick and even might remember to link the Ubisoft comic and some other ... gems.

See, unlike Mr. Solomon, I don't have the stamina for this sort of thing. I tend to start contemplating suicide pretty quickly. So it's quite likely that a few horrible comics that are also fairly long will be reviewed in two or three chunks.

That way I'll be able to stretch out the material a bit, too, come to think of it.
John Solomon said...
Hey I heard we were covering the subject of Dave Cheung's paedophilia/guro fetish shit over here.
Lilith Ester said...
I still want to hate on Chugworth Academy some more. You're not going to stop me.

(If you are so inclined, go google "Scribblekid" and see what else Cheung did. Just make sure you're not at work, school or a livingroom full of family and friends.)
Malethoth K. said...
Man, even Tangents is making negative comments about Chugworth on that websnark page. When Tangents doesn't like a webcomic, something's wrong with the world.
Erika Kaiser said...
Man, I don't think you harped on the writing nearly enough. That webcomic's storyline slowly withered my soul, and at the point when Sally falls down the stairs and is forced into a wheelchair in the name of "Can she still have hot sex?" jokes, I gave up entirely.

I don't mind sex jokes, and I don't necessarily mind rape jokes -- I'm pretty jaded/open-minded. But, sweet Leon Czolgosz in drag, Chugworth takes the "RAPE IS HILARIOUS, GUYS" jokes and blatant sex to ridiculous (not to mention un-funny) levels. There's a difference between "all in good fun" and "can't write a fucking storyline to save his goddamned life."
Jesse said...
Chugworth is sold at Barnes and Noble. Sold successfully.

It's sales rank? 362,720

Which is ridiculous compared to any other webcomic book. For example, that's far better than even CAD, which has no sales rank.

Does that mean that Cheung is more successful than almost all other webcomic authors? Or perceived as more talented?

I don't know what to make of it.
Sigma287 said...
I feel validated now for hating this shit when it came out while everybody else was loving it. I guess I just didn't understand that "SUPER SHINY MAKES EVERYTHING SUPER AWESOME!" and that overuse of tits and sex isn't totally obnoxious.

Reading this thing is like going back to junior high, and that's something that nobody wants to do. Except Dave Cheung, apparently.
Karley said...
I saw Chugworth Academy on sale at one of our local bookstores. Some perspective: this town is utterly podunk. For a while you couldn't even find Watchmen on the shelves. But CA was there...and that's terrible.
Anonymous said...
"Chugworth is sold at Barnes and Noble. Sold successfully.

Does that mean that Cheung is more successful than almost all other webcomic authors? Or perceived as more talented?

I don't know what to make of it."

Sadly, I think it mean there at least 362,720 retarded pedos out there, cause they sure ain't reading it for it deeper philosophical underpinnings.
Anonymous said...
See, unlike Mr. Solomon, I don't have the stamina for this sort of thing. I tend to start contemplating suicide pretty quickly.

Please don't. It would be a grave injustice to this world if you were to die before Cheung did.
Captain Rufus said...
Cool to see comments back up.
They still haven't banned me from RPGnet and their butthurt whining about this blog really wanted me to go back and mock em for being the pussies they are.

When stuff is shit, it needs to be called shit. And not just what some asshats consider to be deserving of it.

Welcome back you hardcore motherfuckers!

Anyhow, on to the assy comic at hand. I never knew much about the comic other than seeing the odd banner ad. I found the Jade Raymond thing amusing if somewhat in poor taste. Decided to look at the comic itself. It was pretty enough. I trudge through a bit. Then find out that all the sex jokes are basically about high school girls.

I get the fuck out like quick.

Apparently I am one of the lucky ones....
Anonymous said...


Please tell me that you guys didn't decide that you somehow needed to one-up THAT waste of space for your triumphant return.
Wanker G. Spot said...
This comic can go consume a penis. It's clearly bad.
Robert Kelly said...
I have to agree with you, Lilith. Chugworth Academy's sense of humour is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Plus, it makes gags about sex, drugs and violence, there's a couple of semen sightings, and its filled with profanity like Mr. Creosote at an all-you-can-eat buffet, yet its "explicit nudity and sex" content is close to zero, apart from crappy donation gifts and the dumb boyfriend, with pixilated bits.

So much for pushing the boundaries of good taste. Though now you've said that thing about the girls' being underage, I wonder if it's really worth complaining about.
John Solomon said...
Please tell me that you guys didn't decide that you somehow needed to one-up THAT waste of space for your triumphant return.

Chugworth is a bad webcomic and bad webcomics are reviewed at

What some other blog does is of no concern to us.
Anonymous said...
I love reading your reviews, Lilith. Keep it up.
Anonymous said...
The problem isn't just that Dave Cheung is a guro pedo, it's that HE'S A SHITTY WRITER. If his sick fetishes were the only reason why his comic is posted here, then should have been mentioned a long time ago. But Dan Kim, pedo tendencies aside, can write well (goddamn Nana's Everyday Life is depressing), and at least he knows he's a sick fuck.
Anonymous said...
Just a little note for people screaming HOW CAN THIS BE about Chugworths sales figures and proliferation;

The publishing industry.

Books do not magically appear or the shelves of a bookstore. Seven Seas, Dark Horse and Tokyopop take on webcomic titles. These titles, unsuprisingly, wind up on shelves better than Two Bit Vanity Publisher #117 or Indie Studio #12. So suprise suprise, those with good publishing beat the crap out of those that hopped aboard the short bus for speed/cheapness/self-respect/integrity. That's what they opted in for. No tears are shed.

It's down to product awareness, sales strategy, marketing angle and dozens of other largely in-house and very swish publishing moves that make the publishing industry make a pretty remarkable income despite paying the talent royalties that film companies would find ridiculous, an amount sometimes known as 'fair'.

Now bawwwww about these people all you want, but these guys are in it for money. They take a guy on board, they work out how to make money from them, and they do it.

Even in this case, if I don't agree the publisher should have opted for it, instead of say, me, i'm glad they do it, because if they tightened their boot laces more they'd just shred any unsolicited new stuff, like, you know, us writers getting a foot up in writing. At least that way some talent gets through the newbie filter, and the publishers keep afloat on their raft of popular excrement.

It's not some great moral injustice, it's just business. A good business. Jesus people, blame the shooter, not the gun.
liverp said...
You know, I read this comic for quite a while before deciding to stop. And while I'm not trying to justify that, I don't recall it ever making me laugh or smile or feel anything other than occasional mild disgust at the poor taste of most of the jokes.

I think this speaks to how people get complacent in consuming pure crap without questioning why. It's like swimming in an ocean of shit and get used to it. All it takes is someone else coming along and saying "oh fuck no I smell shit" for you to realize that you've got poo all over yourself.
Anonymous said...
I think this speaks to how people get complacent in consuming pure crap without questioning why. It's like swimming in an ocean of shit and get used to it.

This happened to me over the course of a few years. CAD led to VGCats led to this shit, despite none of them being funny and, in the case of Chugworth, actually making me feel disgusted in myself. It reached the point where I had somewhere between 30 and 50 shit comics in my bookmarks. If this happens to you, delete all bookmarks to webcomics, and stay off the internet for about a week to detox. If, after a week, you still can recall a webcomic and consider it worth reading, then by all means add it back, and repeat as necessary. Believe me, you'll feel a lot better.
Anonymous said...
I'm a sick fuck. And I hate this webcomic.

Yours truely
Sick Fuck
Anonymous said...
I rather dislike Chugworth Academy. It's not that I'd be put off by whatever fetishes the guy behind it might have, nor by any of the supposively degratory stereotypes there might be in the comic. It's just that the comic is plain unfunny. The thing is, the shiny coating is distracting enough to draw your attention away from the negative aspects for some time, unless you're an animu fanboy, or actually somehow manage to find any of the writing humorous, which is unbelievable.

However, I also personally find most of Lilith's rants oddly preachy about the aforementioned subjects. Creepy stereotyping misogynist shlock can be pulled off with style - sometimes, if you know what you're doing.
^^^^ said...
wait, i forgot how terribly unfunny the stereotypes in CA actually were, but I'm still a million percent behind everyhting else I said.
brinclaw said...
Oh please please do a follow up article on Dave Cheung's monstrosities.

Years ago it was one of the webcomics I would read regularly. To be fair I was a teenager and retarded about anime and would watch and read anything anime related. It is probably because of this that I can't stand anime anymore.

I digress though. I knew he did loli porn but I had no fucking idea about the guro. That just adds a whole other layer to this horrible deep dish shit cake.

This demands elaboration. Please, teach me the hate.
Anonymous said...
Eh, chugworth aint so bad, and as for the hate towards it: I feel its unjustified. If you dislike it so much, just dont read it, and hopefully, youll forget about to it.

As for me, i dont care what Cheung did, just that his comic is mildly funny and has nice art.
Anonymous said...
I love the "if you don't like it, ignore it" rebuttal. Not only is it stunningly original, but it is one of these meaningless quibbles over subjectivity. That somehow bad work should be immune to criticism, just because it should be safely ignored.

Actually, my fellow Anonymous, I'm not sure if you fully grasp the purpose of this particular blog.
Azarias said...
For those who are interested, and because it pertains to one of the reasons why 'Chugworth Academy' is so bad, there's an essay that deals with the image of teenage girls as the current ideal of the sexual image, and analyzes it in regards to pedophilia.

You can find it in the 'Best American Essays for 2007'. It's called (forgive the seeming lewdness of the title, it actually makes sense when you read it) 'Afternoon of the Sex Children'.

Just thought I would throw that out there, since it's related to a major critique of the webcomic in question.
Ken Shinn said...
That certainly sounds an interesting essay, [b]azarias[/b]. Don't suppose that it's online anywhere that you know of?
Splammoman said...
Lilith and the rest of you twats listen close:

You bitch and moan about, "OMG he does lolicon! - He's a bad man for putting fictional characters in situations like that! - Tired jokes and wiggers and azns!" I could go on and on. The real problem that you’re having is that you care too much about story; you care too much about how you think real life is. Tell you the truth, there are plenty of girls out there that would love to ride a 12 inch cock, AND THAT IS ALL THEY WOULD CARE ABOUT! Wit is not always clever and clever is not always wit. The situations thrown about in this comic are all things that could happen. I use it loosely, but have you ever been in your living room with your girl/boyfriend and had your hand up her shirt (or vice versa) and seen something so wrong on TV that you stopped to say, “What The Fuck?!” Apparently not if you are bored and hateful enough to write shit like you’ve in this discussion.

Dave is a talented artist/writer who's been around since the early 2000's. Even with this libelous waste of internet bandwidth, he will still go on producing what some of us call, “A Great Source of Entertainment”. I do want to say something that is completely hypocritical but needs to be said; Lilith, you have a great writing sense and you are very intelligent in what you are doing, but you need to cut down on the swear words. Any editor of a credited media would slam you harder than Kiyoshi slammed Sally when he was all ‘gansta’. I say this because if you can’t come up with something better to say than ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’ then you need to get a thesaurus and use it.

There is SO much more to say, but I will leave it to posts after this to bitch and moan about how some Chuggy fan came on here and defended something he’s been reading since the fucking beginning. Again, I like your style of reviews and I whole heartedly believe in your opinion, but give it a rest. You just want something to gripe about so you can think you made life more tolerable on this crappy rock we call Earth.

You can take that to the bank!
Salmo said...
Umm... I just didn't want that idiot above me to be the last post on the page... 'Kay.
Communist said...




I'm not reacting to the comic, despite its quality.

I'm reacting to Mr. Above Me (News Flash: Now Mr. Two Posts Above Me). Are you Shredded Moose's Brew? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME WITH THIS SHIT? How the hell do you take yourself seriously? Do you actually mean what you've just said?

Because I can tell you right the fuck now that 98.86 percent of the planet would be so offended by that comment that they would rip your goddamn spine from your back and use your vertebrae as building blocks. I've known BLATANT MISOGYNISTS- hell, I've known 4CHANNERS- who would be horridly offended by that.

Jesus Jumping Christ.

To sound horribly cliche'd and stupid, BEGONE. Never trouble this place again, go back to your weird porn sites.
Anonymous said...
I like Chugworth....
philmed said...
The comic tends to be quite a bit funnier than this review.
szaleniec said...
I just want to know how Solomon stating his opinion is supposed to be libellous, which refers to deliberate misrepresentation of facts and specifically excludes opinion.
Yo! said...
splammoman's critique of the critique was funnier than the critique.
Mamelton said...
Someone, please do a favor for Cheung and his fans and shove dicks down their throats.

Make this world a better place.
Burn down the Academy of Perversion and retardation.

Please go back to your closets.

Like what Communist said:
"To sound horribly cliche'd and stupid, BEGONE. Never trouble this place again, go back to your weird porn sites."
Deadpan said...
To the guy questioning whether this is libelous or not... I'm pretty sure you're wrong. Libel involves relaying defamatory statements to a third party i.e. A statement which tends to lower a person in the estimation of right minded members of society generally OR to cause him to be spurned or avoided OR to expose him to hatred contempt or ridicule OR to convey an imputation to him disparaging or injurious to him in his office, trade or calling.

It could conceivably be claimed that this is what is happening here (i.e. calling him a "motherfucking creepy pervert"). People have been successfully sued over similar things before, like some newspaper reviewer who called Cliff Richard a sanctimonious shit in leather trousers or something. I wish I could remember the exact quote, it was pretty funny. But, most importantly, libelous!

Then again, the language is kind of vague in that respect. There might not be so much to go on these days.

Regardless, I think this would come off as a far more effective critique were it not written in such a "frothing at the mouth" manner. I dunno. It's laid on a bit thick, I guess. And I'm not just saying that because I'm a habitual reader of Chugworth. Hell, I've always been uncomfortable with the sexualisation (is that even a real word?) of the characters, and yeah, it's been lacking decent jokes or a storyline for a while now, but... I don't know. I guess I just don't see the hatred.

A lot of the humour is inappropriate, I agree. But that's kind of the point I guess. That guro shit is fucking gross though, whichever way you look at it. I didn't know about it until now, and it really bothers me.

at the end of the day, I'm just holding out for more "Pancake Motherfuckers". Just because it's my favourite profanity ever.
Raquel said...
Libel has to be untrue. So for this review to be libel, Dave Cheung would have to prove that he is not a goddamn pedophile.
Anonymous said...
Oh dear. I thought the big shutdown was to get people to forget about Lilith and Ted.

Awful. More Soloman, less of the idiot children please
Anonymous said...
When I was under 16, I accidently discovered Chugworth. It wasn't a webcomic then, it was just a site where the guy drew naked, breast-less and blindingly obviously pre-pubescent young girls. The art quality was also terrible, yet thousands of people out there apparently adored it and praised him endlessly for it. In fact there were some pretty disgusting ideas thrown on his site which mostly revolved around the theme of kids vs rape. I am majorly against children in sex scenarios, as any half-decent human being ought to be.

As if it wasn't enough to create a totally pointless and unfunny web-comic, he later set up a Porn site where fans could vote in 'hentai polls' to play out their favourite scenarios through his 'characters'. The choices often went something like this:

What should X do to Y next?:

a) Pork her with his penuz
b) Pork her with his penuz while some other dude joins in
c) Pork her with something random and creepy like a syringe or a lightbulb
d) Make her pee everywhere or bleed or something, yeah that'd be awesome and totally hot!!

When challenged on his pedo-tendencies, he has in the past claimed that whatever is "not real" is ok. To portray children in sexual themes in a drawing is apparently just fine and dandy to him, and all of his slavering fanboys. It's when you start carrying out your perverted pleasures in real life that it becomes wrong, he says. Sounds like he's justifying some pretty sick fantasies there, doesn't it? And why doesnt he find breasts or curves attractive? It was only about 3 years later that he added some VERY tiny excuses for breasts to his characters.

And then, a couple of years ago there was a guy arrested for pedophillia in the US who was obsessed with chugworth. This young man, aged 19/20, was obsessed for years with Chugworth and Cheung's lolita artwork and steadily went downhill towards his undoing. He wrote 'fan-fiction' based on his sexual exploits with Sally Richards, the main female in Chugworth Academy... These fan-fictions were scarily detailed and frighteningly made to seem real to the guy. Chugwoth serves to breed pedophiles and sad, life-lacking teenaged boys who haven't ever interracted with real females. Even worse is when those over 40 turn up on his forum and behave like they've been shut in a box for their entire life without any other human contact, getting overexcited about seeing titties and vaginas everywhere.

I have failed quite miserably to find excuses or better aspects of Cheung's activities. I am also rather surprised that, given the nature of many of his forum users, that there has only been one to come here and weakly defend Cheung. Cheung was clearly bothered by the review, and pasted a link to it and a short rant about how Lilith is a fem nazi etc etc on his forums for all his fans to reply t with shouts of "omg you're awesome we love you omgomgomg desu".

I agree entirely. The writing is incredibly poor. I'd be ashamed to be part of that comic myself. It's never witty, only recycled crap from other shitty comics or TV shows or whatever else he can lay his grubby hands on. The strip hasn't ever made me laugh either, and the nature of all of his and Jammal Joseph Jnr's "jokes" turns me off even further. The artwork is at times rather unique in its way, but rather bland as stated. The guy has talent, but is lazy and knows that the audience he appeals to don't give a damn about quality-art or development of characters, plots or visual illustration. He knows that he can make money on other peoples's sick fantasies. Afterall, the same idiots virtually paid for him to visit the US and be guest at some of the anime conventions held over there.
Amir said...
I agree entirely. The writing is incredibly poor. I'd be ashamed to be part of that comic myself. It's never witty, only recycled crap from other shitty comics or TV shows or whatever else he can lay his grubby hands on. The strip hasn't ever made me laugh either, and the nature of all of his and Jammal Joseph Jnr's "jokes" turns me off even further. The artwork is at times rather unique in its way, but rather bland as stated. The guy has talent, but is lazy and knows that the audience he appeals to don't give a damn about quality-art or development of characters, plots or visual illustration. He knows that he can make money on other peoples's sick fantasies. Afterall, the same idiots virtually paid for him to visit the US and be guest at some of the anime conventions held over there.

In conclusion, Cheung is probably an asperger and all those who bought his art were apparently aspergers as well.

Is Cheung korean? I just thought that wooden block "asian sensation" character must have been a mutated reflection of himself.
Anonymous said...
Being slandered by a specific set of webcomic watching retards endlessly does have it's drawbacks. I've watched this comic for years, and I still dont have a problem with the art, I dont think that Cheung has to prove his worth to you or to anyone else save himself. If he can sleep at night and stare at himself in the mirror whenever. then thats all he really needs to care about.

I'm not saying this because I'm a fan, quite the opposite.
It's much the same as say Howard Stern back in the eighties. Saying fuck over the radio. We listened to Stern for shock value alone and made him a pop legend.
Is this group so incensed by Dave Cheung's comic that their willing to make a martyr and possibly gain some lawsuits in the process?

True his comic leaves a load to be desired and gives voice to the repetitive and mindless sycophants and pedophiles that 4chan and /b/ still represent. but in the end it all boils down to the same thing. Just block the page and you'll never have to look at it again.
Anonymous said...
I think repetitive humor is apart of the meme of the basis of the comic, along with the writing.
As for bad jokes, they're not so bad.
If you want a prime example of overused jokes and poor writing, try giving 2gg comics a read. Makes my head hurt just trying to figure out how anybody can be so stupid.
Anonymous said...
This fuck is into lolicon AND guro? Lolicon...god, I dislike real lolicon with a passion, but GURO on top of that? I didn't even give him a hit on his comic.

He's worse than a furfag, and I support furfags yiffing in hell. I'd say he should be dismembered and fed to a bunch of feminists, but that would probably give him a major fucking hard-on that would stay up twenty years after he's been buried.

Anyone who likes this shit should go to something decent for humanity (drinking bleach comes to mind). Guro AND lolicon...daaaaaaamn.
Amir said...
I don't think I would ever want to know about this person or what related to him.

Though, we need people like him in this world, to have a balance between the 'healthy' and the 'Sick Fuck'.

It is surprisingly easy to analyse him. His chioce of dialog, the words, the phrases, references...its obvious that this few kilograms of flesh does not have the enough social skills of what we call a normal "citizen".
Going through his DA sketches, most words are repeated in different boxes, same as the scenarios and same as the layout.
There are not enough words in his mind to express himself. He thinks with images. animu images. He imagines himself as the tall, cream skined, bow eyed cartoon character whenever he switches into though mode.
Pretty much the same as Tim Buckley. Personality of a penis and fanbase of horse testicles.

If you enjoy Dave's art, then you either just like to style in which its drawn, you are still under 18 and live with your family or maybe your life is also filled with these "cliches" just like Dave. You lie on your bed staring at the wall, listening to Linkin Park and analysing yourself. Suddenly, he turn on the computer and go and read some strips from CA. That is one example of "you".

Above was tl;dr, but here is my conclusion:
Your comic is the equivelant to the cult of Scientology. It may seem to make you feel better or happy, but then you realised that you have actually learned nothing which can come in handy in society and for the future.

Seriously, tell me what did you actually learn from this? (ask yourself this question whenever you start reading a webcomic).
Anonymous said...
I remember liking him a lot more when he just stuck to porn as scribblekid.

It explains why the comic is so perverted, though. Never got the porn mindset out of his head.
Anonymous said...
We need pedophiles like him in this world to keep people like Chris Hansen busy.
Anonymous said...
John Solomon is Charlie Brooker.
Kagemusha22 said...
What amazes me is that this piece of shit is in publication now, and even getting positive reviews by geeky websites like IGN.

(though they gave a Green Day album a near perfect score, so that undermines their judgement...)
Kavak said...
I used to enjoy this webcomic- but then I grew up, my brain (And sense of humor) fully developed, I looked it over, and realized how un-fucking-believably creepy (And how much of an asshat) this guy was- the Ubisoft comic was the turning point, I believe.
Tsukiko said...
CA is fucking terrible. I remember that I found it by clicking on a link off of Wikipedia, on the "slice-of-life series" page. It's not there anymore, THANK THE LORD. Fucking terrible, I'm telling you. I remember trying to search the site for something, anything even halfway decent.

Madeira Darling said...
Wow... that just offended the shrill yaoi fangirl in me. I didn't even know she could be offended.
Anonymous said...
man hands
Anonymous said...
Bravo, John Solomon, you actually reviewed a web comic that deserves scorn.

Cheung is indeed a pedophile, and he clearly has no respect for women and men. He is sexist and racist...